The Kingfisher All Weather Pool

For the user in need of unobstructed space for fitness, the Kingfisher features the longest and widest swim zone with stairs only on the left-hand side for inconspicuous access.

As with any All Weather Pool with the Niagara Counter Current Swim System, it includes lighting to assist users’ alignment while swimming in turbulent conditions.

The Kingfisher features:
• Niagara counter-current swim system
• Tether resistance swim system
• Compact built in entry step
• Wide open swimming pool area
• Underwater lighting
• Backlit drink coasters
• Handrails

The Kingfisher was designed for serious swimmers. This model features our exclusive Niagara™ counter-current swim system as well as our tether resistance swim system. The pool design is wide open to maximize the swimming area, with a compact entry step built in to one corner. Get fit! And enjoy this wide open pool.

171 3/4” x 92 3/4” x 50 3/4”
(436cm x 236cm x 129cm)

Water Capacity
1559 US Gallons (5900 liters)

*pictures and specifications are for reference only, details may change without notice.