The Juneau All Weather Pool

The Juneau serves users seeking an exceptional swim current with the luxury of entry steps and two lounger seats.

The presence of the Niagara Counter Current Swim System in the Juneau ensures that stronger swimmers reap the fitness and luxury benefits of this All Weather Pool regardless of the season.

The Juneau features:
• His & her loungers
• Niagara counter-current swim system
• Tether resistance swim system
• Integrated entry steps
• 14 massage jets
• Underwater lighting
• Backlit drink coasters
• Handrails
• Adjustable head cushions

The Juneau combines lounging comfort with advanced swimming. This model reflects the ‘work hard-play hard’ way of life. The Niagara counter current swim system and additional tether resistance swim system provides an extreme level of exercise options, and the His & Her loungers deliver ultimate comfort.

171 3/4” x 92 3/4” x 50 3/4”
(436cm x 236cm x 129cm)

Water Capacity
1559 US Gallons (5900 liters)

*pictures and specifications are for reference only, details may change without notice.