The Hudson All Weather Pool

The Hudson offers an entry level resistance swim system in the form of the Monsoon Counter Current Swim System and two therapy seats..

The Monsoon System can be used in conjunction with the Tether Resistance Swim System to serve multiple levels of fitness in addition to climate-defying family fun.

The Hudson features:
• His & Her Massage Therapy Seats
• Wide open swimming pool area
• 3 Water Pumps
• 26 massage jets
• Underwater lighting
• backlit drink coasters
• Handrails
• Adjustable head cushions
• Tether resistance swim system
• Counter-current swim system
(powered by 2 high output swim jets)

The Hudson is designed to deliver a perfect combination of comfort, hydrotherapy, and aquatic exercise. This model has two swim systems, one counter-current and one tether resistance system. This duo will satisfy both strong and typical swimmers. This is coupled with two extremely comfortable therapy seats in the “hot tub” end. These seats are packed with powerful jets that will melt your aches and pains away.

171 3/4” x 92 3/4” x 50 3/4”
(436cm x 236cm x 129cm)

Water Capacity
1559 US Gallons (5900 liters)

*pictures and specifications are for reference only, details may change without notice.