Freeflow Spas

Freeflow ™ Spas offers the best combination of features and price of any hot tub brand on the market today. Utilizing an advanced manufacturing method that slashes costs while incorporating many of the same features found in the most expensive spa brands such as ozone, waterfalls, lighting effects and more, makes Freeflow the perfect choice.

All Freeflow spas use Plug-N-Play technology and come with a GFCI power cord that can be plugged into any standard 110v outlet, allowing you to start enjoying your hot tub right away. Simply fill it up, plug it in and enjoy!

This ultra-efficient system integrates our unique rotational molding process with multiple components to create a product line that uses less energy and conforms to stringent California Energy Commission (CEC) requirements.

Sport Series

Size : 6'6"R
Seating Capacity : 5 Adults
The Aptos spa has 18 hydrotherapy jets, including a whirlpool jet. Entertain up to 5 adults comfortably in this barrier-free seating design....
Size : 6'9" X 5'3"
Seating Capacity : 3 Adults
Deep and spacious, the Azure spa provides the perfect antidote to aches and pains. Massage your tired feet on the perfectly placed foot-jets or lean back and enjoy the comfortable lounge seat....
Size : 5'2" x 5'10"
Seating Capacity : 4 Adults
The Cascina spa was designed to bring you maximum comfort at a minimum price....
Size : 6'5" X 7'2"
Seating Capacity : 5 Adults
The 5-seat Excursion spa features a lounge for maximum comfort and a molded-in ice bucket making it the perfect spot for entertaining friends or spending time with family. Sit back and relax in the lounge seat as calf jets ma...
Size : 6' X 3'11"
Seating Capacity : 2 Adults
The two-person Mini fits perfectly on any balcony, patio, or master bedroom deck allowing you to quickly turn any space into a private oasis....
Size : 7'3" X 6'5"
Seating Capacity : 7 Adults
The Monterey spa is one of the largest spas in the Freeflow line, comfortably seating 7 adults. Unique to this spa is a molded-in ice bucket that holds your beverages of choice....
Size : 6' X 6'
Seating Capacity : 3 Adults
The triangular shape of the Tristar spa makes it spa suitable for tight spaces. Itís large enough to fit three adults comfortably......