Active Skim Filtration

Sparkling clean water, with a minimum of effort and the widest choice of user-customizable options.

As Arctic Spas continues to refine our patented filtration systems and develop new ideas, our goal has always been to keep your spa water safe and clean, and to do so with the least amount of work for the spa owner as possible.

Because of such vast differences in usage (bather load), source water quality, and other parameters, we realized that we needed to give the spa owner more choice. With some good advice from an authorized Arctic Spas dealer, you now have many custom filtration and technology options.

Active Skim Filtration

Each Arctic Spa filter chamber houses our Active Skim Filtration mechanism, which constantly adjusts to the changing water level in your tub thus maintaining powerful surface skimming.

With Active Skim Filtration, contaminants at the surface are drawn down into the filter regardless of water level, unlike typical systems. Additionally, the mechanism traps larger particles in an integrated basket, and does not allow them to be re-released back into the bather pool.