The Sunhouse – Enjoy your garden all year around!

The Sunhouse has many of the great features of it inspiration – The Grillhouse TM. All of the same great entertainment possibilities. Year-round use, but with a more traditional garden look. Glass on all 6 sides makes this the perfect choice where you wouldn’t want to give up any of your view. The double glazed and tinted glass helps give protection from the cold, wind, and curious eyes of the neighbors.

  • Total Floor Area: 96.88 Sq ft
  • Frame material: 2" flat or semi round pine log profile
  • Roof material: 1" pine panel
  • Roofing material: Roof shingles (black)
  • Door: Door with double glazed windows
  • Windows: Four (4) fixed and one (1) open-able double glazed windows

Check out what else the The Sunhouse has to offer!

We have a wide range of fun features to compliment your Grillhouse! Feel Free to have a look around and contact us for pricing and availability!
  • Lockable Front Door

    Lockable Front Door

  • Burberry Pattern Cushions & Pillows

    Burberry Pattern Cushions & Pillows

  • White/Burberry Windows Dressings

    White/Burberry Windows Dressings

  • Grillhouse Benches

    5 Benches

    (2 of which fold out into small beds)

  • Charcoal Shingle Package

    Charcoal Shingle Package

  • Grillhouse Pine Decking

    Grillhouse Pine Decking

  • 3 Grill Levels

    6 – Sided grill with 3 cooking levels

  • Grillhouse Smoke Collector

    Sliding Grill and Smoke Collector

  • Grill Tables (6 pcs)

    6 Removeable Lap Tables

  • Fish Grilling Boards (2pcs)

    Salmon Grilling Boards (2pcs)

  • Grillhouse Frying Pan

    Grillhouse Frying Pan

  • Grillhouse Tea Pot

    Grillhouse Tea Pot

  • Grillhouse Oven Mitten

    Grillhouse Oven Mitten

  • Grillhouse Thermometer

    Grillhouse Thermometer

  • Grillhouse Wooden Clock

    Grillhouse Wooden Clock

*Please note - some variaitons may occur in the product images shown as they are regularly updated and improved upon.