The Grillhouse™ – An unique way to experience rural Lapland!

The Grillhouse™ was designed for many purposes. In its standard form it offers you a place to prepare food, visit and entertain. You will be amazed by the cozy – yet spacious area within the Grillhouse™. The Lapland style gives you a magical look and style. Grillhouse™ is fast and easy to assemble. We offer you different roof colors and wall profiles for easy customization to fulfill your dreams!

  • Total Floor Area: 96.88 Sq ft
  • Shape: Hexagon
  • Frame material: 2 " flat or semi round pine log profile
  • Roof material: 1" pine panel
  • Roofing material: Roof shingles (black)
  • Door: Door with double glazed windows
  • Windows: Three (3) double glazed windows that open

Check out what else the Grillhouse™ has to offer!

We have a wide range of fun features to compliment your Grillhouse! Feel Free to have a look around and contact us for pricing and availability!
  • 3 Doubled Glazed Opening Windows

    3 Doubled Glazed Opening Windows

  • Lockable Front Door

    Lockable Front Door

  • Charcoal Shingle Package

    Charcoal Shingle Package

  • Grillhouse Pine Decking

    Grillhouse Pine Decking

  • Grillhouse Benches

    5 Benches

    (3 of which fold out into small beds)

  • 3 Grill Levels

    6 – Sided grill with 3 cooking levels

  • Grillhouse Smoke Collector

    6 sided Grill and Smoke Collector

  • Grill Tables (6 pcs)

    6 Removeable Lap Tables

  • Fish Grilling Boards (2pcs)

    Salmon Grilling Boards (2pcs)

  • Grillhouse Frying Pan

    Grillhouse Frying Pan

  • Grillhouse Tea Pot

    Grillhouse Tea Pot

  • Grillhouse Oven Mitten

    Grillhouse Oven Mitten

  • Grillhouse Thermometer

    Grillhouse Thermometer

  • Grillhouse Wooden Clock

    Grillhouse Wooden Clock

*Please note - some variations may occur in the product images shown as they are regularly updated and improved upon.