Grill Houses

Quality grill houses and pavilions

You have never seen anything like this before in Canada! This fantastic new product from Finland is the ultimate outdoor retreat.

You really have to see them in person to appreciate the unique experience they provide.

They are essentially indoor camp fires, with an amazing array of features and details that have evolved from the Finnish Grillhouse culture.

Enjoy the open fire with family and friends, in style and comfort.

Cook on the open flame protected from the elements.

INterested? Have a look inside with our 360 degree virtual tour. Just click here to have a look!

Experience the finer details of Finnish Grillhouse culture, from hand carved dinner sets, Beer-noculars, super-size wooden shot glasses, secret cold storage compartments for beverages, benches that convert to beds in case the fun makes you sleepy, genuine reindeer pelts for rustic comfort, and every grill accessory you never imagined.

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